Relationships have always been crucial in business. That´s never been more true than today, now that the Web, and social media have democratised communication.

Brand reputations can be built and lost faster than ever before. And so it´s vital that you understand what your most compelling messages are, and use them to maximum effect. That means knowing your target communities and the right channels to reach them. And knowing how to manage misfortune, should it strike.

You´d expect us to have strong relationships with traditional media, new media and technology analysts. And we do.

But in our book, PR is not about us – it´s about you. So we´ll help shape your messages, map your communities, build your PR strategy, execute the plan – and help you build strong, enduring relationships of your own.

Sage Partnership: On your side. At your side.


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Securing VC funding, launching, growing, moving to IPO, achieving an acquisition target. Businesses can go through several phases.

As business journalists we saw it from the sidelines. The successes. The crash and burns.

Later, as members of one of the largest in-house marketing teams in global industry, we saw it from the inside, using PR as a tool to build market share, influence decision-makers, and launch new businesses.

Now, as the Sage Partnership, we´re putting that experience to work for clients across a diverse range of technology sectors from mainframe system and client-server software to defence electronics and telecommunications.

Our instincts will sit well with yours. We learned our craft in an environment where PR had to earn its keep. And so our work is hard-nosed, pragmatic, effective.

We think PR must add to the bottom line. Or there is no point. And that is the point.


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