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Authored corporate profiles for this the diverse multinational group covering activities from short wave broadcast and armoured vehicles to nuclear engineering and shipbuilding.



VT Group (now Babcock) needed concise, technically literate yet easy to understand corporate profiles that explained the group's capabilities to stakeholders, prospects and customers in as compelling a way as possible. Leveraging customer experiences wherever possible, the content had nonetheless to meet strict government and defence confidentiality rules.



  • Present VT Group as a trusted provider of mission critical assets and skills.
  • Produce a document relevant to every industry and marketplace.
  • Integrate copy with corporate standards for design and imagery.
  • Pass approvals at all levels with minimal or no rework.



  • Journalistic-style interviews with management, front line staff and customers.
  • Tight, involving copy that told a story of capability, reliability and trust.
  • Content focused around business benefits and customer gains.
  • Emphasis on working in partnership throughout.
  • Presenting the organisation's people as its greatest asset.



The profiles were printed in quantity and were subsequently adopted as the standard in the US market. VT Group went on to win large shipbuilding and other deals, being eventually acquired by the £3Bn Babcock International Group Plc.

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